Gun Grips

* One of a kinda handmade Full and Compact 1911 handgun grips
* Each set of grips is custom made and vary slightly from the standard 1911 specification in both width and thickness
* All have been fitted to a full size Ed Brown 1911 and are not cut for ambidextrous safety
* The compact grips have been fitted to a Wilson Combat Sentinel
* The Sig Sauer P238 grips have been fitted to full stainless steel P238

****** Our inventory is over 60 grips right now, only some are shown on the site currently. Woods include:
-Cocobolo -Box Elder -Redwood -Maple -Lacewood
-Walnut -Snake Wood -Eucalyptus -Iron Wood -Olive
-Cedar -Hackberry -Holly -Mesquite -Cypress
-Cumaceba -Thuya -Red Mallee -Tiger Caspi -Tamarind
-Chechen -Leopard -Cherry -Bodark -Hackberry
-Rosewood -Bocote

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